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Welcome home to your new kitchen. The table is set, the lighting glows, the air is filled with delicious aromas, and friends and family are gathered. A kitchen is the true center of a home, where life is lived and enjoyed. You can create a gorgeous environment, a warm ambiance for your home, and we can help.

CITY CABINET CENTER offers quality kitchen and bath cabinets to the surrounding San Diego area. With our expert designers, we also provide full kitchen remodeling and design services. Call us for an appointment and come visit our showroom to see why CITY CABINET CENTER is San Diego’s kitchen and bath specialist.

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Kitchen Design

We recognize that everyone has their own unique wants and needs when it comes to planning their kitchens. At CITY CABINET CENTER, our kitchen designers are constantly working to make sure that your kitchen cabinets are designed specifically to suit your requirements. We want to help you build your dream kitchen by first understanding what is important to you, and working with your budget and timeframe to make your dream a reality.

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Bath Design

Give your bathroom a fresh look with new cabinetry for your bath vanities and/or linen closets. Whether you are remodeling an existing bathroom or designing one for a new construction, we will work with your space to design a bathroom you’ll love.

At CITY CABINET CENTER, we understand that kitchen and bath remodeling can be an overwhelming process, and we are here to help. As San Diego’s kitchen and bath design specialists, we can help you transform your space into a kitchen or bath that combines both form and function. You can have a kitchen or bath that looks beautiful while maximizing your space. Most importantly –one that works for you.

Our cabinetry lines offer a spectrum of door styles and finish choices, so that there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a modern contemporary look, a vintage one or something in between, our kitchen and bath designers can help you select a door style, wood type, and finish that will achieve your desired look.

Our professional installers have the right expertise and the eye for detail when it comes to installing your kitchen and bath cabinets. Turn your dream cabinetry into a reality with our fully licensed and insured installers.


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Decorá Cabinetry

Decorá Cabinetry offers simple but stunning solutions for your needs. This MasterBrand Cabinet line specializes in exquisitely handcrafted cabinets for a unique and personal touch to your home in San Diego. Click here for more on Decorá Cabinetry.

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KitchenCraft Cabinetry

KitchenCraft Cabinetry offers many choices for your dream cabinets. San Diego homeowners can take your pick from the many options that we offer under this MasterBrand Cabinet line. Click here for more on Kitchen Craft Cabinetry.

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Schrock Cabinetry

Schrock Cabinetry is another Masterbrand Cabinet line that we are proud to offer. Enjoy classically beautiful handcrafted cabinets in your San Diego home. Click here for more on Lotus Cabinetry.

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Lotus Cabinetry

Lotus Cabinetry is a builder grade line that specializes in high quality kitchen cabinets. San Diego homeowners can choose from the variety of stylish and durable cabinets from this Central Coast brand. Click here for more on Lotus Cabinetry.

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Waypoint Living Spaces

Waypoint Cabinetry is an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners. This American Woodmark Cabinet brand offers quality cabinetry solutions for your home and even your office. Click here for more on Waypoint Cabinetry.

Yelp Reviews

    Homepage - DEV    I had the worst experience with City Cabinet center! The first time that I visited their showroom they told me that I needed an appointment and could not look around until then. I respected that, made my appointment and came back the following week. We spent over 2 hours at the showroom picking the right cabinets for our large kitchen remodel and learning all about the different brands they carry. We found one that worked and now we made an appointment for Jade to come and measure a few days later. She then told us that she would work on the layout and design as well as quote and would get back to us in a couple of weeks because she was going on vacation.  A month went by and we heard nothing. I decided to call and find out the status of our estimate but the assistant ( Sarai) said that Jade was out of town again for a week in San Fransisco and was not able to work on it. She proceeded to ask me if we were still interested in purchasing from them. I was dumbfounded! Why else would I be calling after over a month and why would I have spent 2 hours at your showroom picking cabinets out if I wasn't interested?!! She said she would let Jade know that I was still interested and would get back to me when she got back. We heard nothing again for 2 weeks!! I called Sarai again to ask if they were still interested in our business because she had no gotten back to us again. I explained that during this time we hired a kitchen designer and had the design ready so she would only have to give us a quote. She said she would work on it and get back to us that same day. It has been a week and still nothing. Obviously, we are done!! There are so many cabinet dealers in San Diego for these people to be so unresponsive. Never again, what a waste of time!

    Homepage - DEV  Karmina A.

    Homepage - DEV    We recently had a flood that required the removal of our lower cabinets.  City Cabinet Center (Jade) supplied the original cabinets to our contractor in about 2010 so I called Jade to see if she could supply the same style lower cabinets.  Unfortunately that style was discontinued so we decided to replace the whole Kitchen through Jade.  She gave us the same great deal she had given the original contractor and still had the original design documents from that contractor.  There was one problem with the install (due to the original contractor's drawings) that Jade assumed responsibility for immediately.  I was very impressed because many companies would state that it wasn't their fault.  She even had to pay to remove and cut down a piece of quartz counter top that was already installed.  If you want to hire a company that stands behind their work and values customer relationships call City Cabinet Center and ask for Jade.

    Homepage - DEV  Kevin G.



We welcome you to get in touch with us today! Don’t be shy—we are more than happy to help you make your dream kitchen and bath cabinetry come true. Call us for an appointment so that we can give you the requisite attention you deserve on your visit. Or stop by our San Diego showroom to learn more about our design, supply and installation services for your cabinetry needs.


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